Jasmine Ash

artist. topliner. fashionista.


asmine Ash is a singer/songwriter from Portland, Oregon whose effortless charisma and unique, gossamer vocals have made her a favorite of the local scene as well as garnering interest from the record industry. Her debut self release Beneath The Noise, co-produced and co-written by Jacques Brautbar and Sam Farrar (Maroon 5, Phantom Planet) has achieved impressive sync success on several hit TV shows and worldwide ad campaigns. Her unreleased sophomore record “Come Here, Come Closer” along with over 150 other songs Jasmine has written over the years have continued to make an impact in the licensing world.

She is involved in several other projects such as: Oh Darling (Portland based indie/rock band), Gold & The Invisible Girl (Ethereal electronic duo) with producer Lee Groves (Goldfrapp, Gwen Stefani), and babybats, with producer Bill Lefler (Ingrid Michaelson, Cobra Starship).

Some collaborations include

Aben Eubanks (Kelly Clarkson), Andrew Fromm (Marc Anthony, Backstreet Boys), Andrew Simple (Peer Music), Ari Levine (Bruno Mars, Ceelo), Boots Ottestad (Robbie Williams, Macy Gray), Dan Layus (Augustana), Ed Sheeran (Atlantic), Erin McCarley (Universal), Emily Wright (Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus), Jaden Michaels (Pulse), Jezzabel Doran (Sony Australia), Josh Radin, Justin Gray (Mariah Carey, John Legend), Lena Katina (T.A.T.U), Macy Mallloy (WCM), R5 (Hollywood),Tina Parol (Britney Spears), and more…

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